Est. 1980.
Kiddieville Christian Early Learning Center
#7 Tyler Street
PO Box 417
Greenbrier, AR 72058



Kiddieville Christian Early Learning Center


At Kiddieville, we strive to build relationships with families because it takes a strong community to build a well-rounded child.


Kiddieville takes pride in providing a hot, nutritious, balanced breakfast and lunch for your child each day.

A monthly menu is posted for your convenience. Snacks are provided daily as well as milk and juice.
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Kiddieville is a Pre/K Ella Early Literacy Center. The curriculum is designed to enhance the child's positive feelings about self and about learning, acquiring skills through fun activities and experiences in several areas.

Art, music, phonics, Bible time, language arts, health, science, safety and manners. Indoor and outdoor spaces offer children opportunities to further develop large and small motor skills. Our entire program is planned so that each child can utilize natural curiosity and enthusiasm to learn for him or herself at his or her own rate of growth.

Children are hands on learners. At Kiddieville, we use the hands on approach to learning. Field trips may be taken by children 4-5 years old, and will relate to the unit of study your child is involved in at that time (pumpkin patch, post office, fire station, etc).

A monthly newsletter and calendar offers parents current information and highlights children's activities and important events for that month.
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Your children will grow academically, socially, and inter-personally. Our friendly and dedicated staff will make sure your child's needs are always met.

Call us at 501-679-5323.